3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Tint Your Own Car Windows

1 November 2016
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You might have various reasons for tinting your car windows; you might like the idea of having a little more privacy while you're in your vehicle, you might be looking for a way to shield the interior of your car from the sun, or you might just like the way that tint looks on a vehicle. Regardless of your reasons, you might be thinking about doing the tint yourself rather than hiring a pro. Read More 

4 Tips For Using Your Headlights Safely

28 July 2016
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As a driver, being safe on the road is essential. Of course, this means following all the rules of the road. However, not many drivers are aware of the importance of their headlights except when driving at night. This is not the only time you should be using your headlights. You should also know when to use your high beams safely and effectively. Here are four tips for using your headlights safely: Read More 

Basic To Banging: Four Cool Extras To Get Installed In Your Basic Vehicle

2 May 2016
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Buying a base model car typically means that you don't get any extras. Many base model cars may come with manual windows and doors and require cloth seating, depending on which model vehicle you purchase. If you want to keep your costs as low as possible, purchase the base model vehicle, then have your car upgraded after purchase. Purchasing specific add-ons aftermarket gives you more options and the ability to select your own price range. Read More 

Paint Your Truck Cap For A Unique One-Of-A-Kind Paint Job

21 January 2016
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If you like the idea of adding a unique touch to the look of your truck, then you may want to consider a custom paint job for your truck cap. There is a method you can use to give your truck cap a paint job you will truly appreciate and you can take care of it yourself, with a little help from a couple friends. The method used for this paint job is easy, fun and very unique. Read More