3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Tint Your Own Car Windows

1 November 2016
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You might have various reasons for tinting your car windows; you might like the idea of having a little more privacy while you're in your vehicle, you might be looking for a way to shield the interior of your car from the sun, or you might just like the way that tint looks on a vehicle. Regardless of your reasons, you might be thinking about doing the tint yourself rather than hiring a pro. Sure, it's true that you can buy window tint from many auto parts stores or online and can apply it yourself. However, you might just find that you are better off trusting a professional with the job. These are a few reasons why you probably shouldn't tint your own windows.

1. You Might Not Be Familiar with Local Laws and Regulations

Just because you can buy really dark window tint doesn't mean that it's legal for you to apply it to your vehicle's windows. The truth is that different areas have different laws and regulations in place in regards to window tint. If you buy your own tint and apply it yourself, you might just find that it's illegal in your area, which can be pretty frustrating after you have put in the money and effort that is required to install it. If you take your car to a local window tinting shop, however, you'll be working with professionals who are familiar with the law.

2. Make Sure it Looks Great

Tint can make your car look really nice, but if it's done improperly, it can be very unattractive. Applying car window tint isn't as easy as you might think, and if you don't have any experience, there is a chance that you will leave your car with "bubbles" on the windows or that your tint will otherwise be applied improperly. By trusting a professional instead, you can help ensure that your car looks great when the tint is added.

3. Get a Warranty

Even if your tint is applied correctly and looks great at first, there is always the chance that it could fail over time. If you apply it yourself, you might not have a warranty; in fact, even the manufacturer's warranty on the tint might be void if the tint is not installed professionally. Many window tinting shops stand behind their work, however, and will redo your tint if it fails prematurely.

As you can see, there are a few reasons why you shouldn't tint your own car windows. If you are thinking about having your vehicle's windows tinted, you may want to rely on a professional instead.