Basic To Banging: Four Cool Extras To Get Installed In Your Basic Vehicle

2 May 2016
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Buying a base model car typically means that you don't get any extras. Many base model cars may come with manual windows and doors and require cloth seating, depending on which model vehicle you purchase. If you want to keep your costs as low as possible, purchase the base model vehicle, then have your car upgraded after purchase. Purchasing specific add-ons aftermarket gives you more options and the ability to select your own price range. Here are four cool auto accessories that you should get added to your car after buying. 

Bluetooth radio

By saving money on the car purchase, you can apply the extra money in your pocket to a good Bluetooth radio for your vehicle. Many cellular phones come with a number of musical additions that make it easy for you to use playlists and podcasts that you like. By installing a Bluetooth radio in the vehicle, you can easily connect your personal devices and listen to exactly what you wish. 

Backup and rear view cameras

Waiting for aftermarket backup cameras and rear view cameras can mean you get the best in technology. For many people, installing a rear view camera that has good day and night vision, as well as having magnifying capability can help to navigate city roads. A good backup camera, like those found at, can help with your sense of depth perception and grant newbie drivers help with backing up and parallel parking.

Remote control starter

If you live in a cold climate, warming up your car may be a must before you are off to work or errands on a cold day. If you have a manual car and one key, this will require you sitting in the car as it warms up. To get around this, you should have a remote control starter installed on your vehicle after purchase. A remote starter makes life more convenient for you. You can find a firm to install the remote starter at the same time as your other auto accessories to save time.

Wireless routers

Wireless in a vehicle is something that is relatively new, but offered on some cars on the market. The charge for this, plus the data plan can be a much steeper price tag than purchasing a base car model. Instead, you can install an in-car wireless router and purchase a data plan. This will allow you and your children to operate wireless devices while in the vehicle. The wireless router can take up little space, but allow you to stream movies for children and allow you to do work while waiting in the pick-up lane for your children.