Paint Your Truck Cap For A Unique One-Of-A-Kind Paint Job

21 January 2016
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If you like the idea of adding a unique touch to the look of your truck, then you may want to consider a custom paint job for your truck cap. There is a method you can use to give your truck cap a paint job you will truly appreciate and you can take care of it yourself, with a little help from a couple friends. The method used for this paint job is easy, fun and very unique. Your truck cap will end up with a look that can't be duplicated and you can learn everything you need to know in this article. 

Gather the supplies you will need

  • Oil-based acrylic paint in all the colors of your choosing
  • A blow-up kiddie pool larger than your truck cap
  • A water hose
  • A long stick for stirring
  • A spray can of primer

Preparing to paint the truck cap

Before you get ready to paint your truck cap, it should be primed. All removable parts should be taken off and set to the side. Anything not able to be removed, such as windows should be completely taped. Use a primer in the base color you are going with because some of the primer will show through in the final product. Leave the tape in place until after the truck cap has been painted.

Fill the pool all the way up with water and make sure it's still when you move on to the next step. The next step is to take the different colored paints you decided you want to paint your cap with and carefully pour them into the water. Pour them a little at a time so they float on the top. You can carefully use the end of the stick to pull the paints around and swirl them into designs you like.

Painting the truck cap

When the top of the water is completely covered with all the colors you want and you are satisfied with the way they are swirled together, it's time to dip your truck cap. Have a couple friends help you with this part so the cap gets dipped evenly. There should be someone on each side of the cap and a third person to help remove the excess paint before the cap is pulled from the water. Pick up the cap and submerge it at a slightly tilted angle, putting it in the water slowly and evenly.

Once the cap is completely underwater, the third person will take the stick and stir around the water so any paint still on the surface will be broken up. Then, the cap can be quickly removed from the water and set aside to dry. You can pull the tape off at this point as well. Once it is dry, you can put it on your truck and admire your masterpiece.

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