Keeping Your Car Clean By Adding Accessories

Keeping Your Car Clean By Adding Accessories

3 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Tint Your Own Car Windows

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You might have various reasons for tinting your car windows; you might like the idea of having a little more privacy while you’re in your vehicle, you might be looking for a way to shield the interior of your car from the sun, or you might just like the way that tint looks on a vehicle. Regardless of your reasons, you might be thinking about doing the tint yourself rather than hiring a pro. Sure, it’s true that you can buy window tint from many auto parts stores or online and can apply it yourself. However, you might just find that you are better off trusting a professional with the job. These are a few reasons why you probably shouldn’t tint your own windows. 1. You Might Not Be Familiar with Local Laws and Regulations Just because you can buy really dark window tint doesn’t mean that it’s legal for you to apply it to your vehicle’s windows. The truth is that different areas have different laws and regulations in place in regards to window tint. If you buy your own tint and apply it yourself, you might just find that it’s illegal in your area, which can be pretty frustrating after you have put in the money and effort that is required to install it. If you take your car to a local window tinting shop, however, you’ll be working with professionals who are familiar with the law. 2. Make Sure it Looks Great Tint can make your car look really nice, but if it’s done improperly, it can be very unattractive. Applying car window tint isn’t as easy as you might think, and if you don’t have any experience, there is a chance that you will leave your car with “bubbles” on the windows or that your tint will otherwise be applied improperly. By trusting a professional instead, you can help ensure that your car looks great when the tint is added. 3. Get a Warranty Even if your tint is applied correctly and looks great at first, there is always the chance that it could fail over time. If you apply it yourself, you might not have a warranty; in fact, even the manufacturer’s warranty on the tint might be void if the tint is not installed professionally. Many window tinting shops stand behind their work, however, and will redo your tint if it fails prematurely. As you can see, there are a few reasons why you shouldn’t tint your own car windows. If you are thinking about having your vehicle’s windows tinted, you may want to rely on a professional...

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4 Tips For Using Your Headlights Safely

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As a driver, being safe on the road is essential. Of course, this means following all the rules of the road. However, not many drivers are aware of the importance of their headlights except when driving at night. This is not the only time you should be using your headlights. You should also know when to use your high beams safely and effectively. Here are four tips for using your headlights safely: On When It’s Raining: If it is raining during the day, your headlights should be on. Rain, even when it’s drizzling, significantly reduces visibility on the road. To ensure that all vehicles see you in oncoming traffic, your headlights should be on. This is important so that you are able to see the road ahead of you, as well. At times, the rain can produce heavy mist that is difficult to see through.  On When It’s Foggy:  Whenever there is fog sitting low to the ground, your headlights need to be on. Often, your headlights are the only thing that will be seen for on-coming traffic. However, you should be using the dipped headlight features that keeps your lights looking directly at the ground instead of straight forward. The reason for this is that when your normal headlight setting is on, the light can be reflected back to your vehicle by the heavy fog. This can lead to it confusing you and blinding you while trying to drive. On When It’s Snowing: Similar to when it is raining, you should also have your headlights on when it’s snowing, even if it’s only a little bit. Snow reduces visibility significantly since snow is solid, unlike rain. It’s more difficult for other vehicles to make out your presence on the road for this reason. High Beams on Unlit Roads:  You may find yourself on poorly lit roads with many turns that are difficult to see around. If there are no other cars sharing the road with you, your high beams should be on while driving these roads at night. However, once you notice a vehicle approaching, your high beams need to be turned off. Their headlights will help you see clearly. Plus, when you leave your high beams on, it can blind other drivers, causing them to become distracted and possibly swerve on the road putting you and others in danger.  When you consider these four tips for using your headlights safely, you can be sure that you are being the most responsible driver you can be. If you need maintenance on your headlines, contact Parts Max or a similar...

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Basic To Banging: Four Cool Extras To Get Installed In Your Basic Vehicle

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Buying a base model car typically means that you don’t get any extras. Many base model cars may come with manual windows and doors and require cloth seating, depending on which model vehicle you purchase. If you want to keep your costs as low as possible, purchase the base model vehicle, then have your car upgraded after purchase. Purchasing specific add-ons aftermarket gives you more options and the ability to select your own price range. Here are four cool auto accessories that you should get added to your car after buying.  Bluetooth radio By saving money on the car purchase, you can apply the extra money in your pocket to a good Bluetooth radio for your vehicle. Many cellular phones come with a number of musical additions that make it easy for you to use playlists and podcasts that you like. By installing a Bluetooth radio in the vehicle, you can easily connect your personal devices and listen to exactly what you wish.  Backup and rear view cameras Waiting for aftermarket backup cameras and rear view cameras can mean you get the best in technology. For many people, installing a rear view camera that has good day and night vision, as well as having magnifying capability can help to navigate city roads. A good backup camera, like those found at, can help with your sense of depth perception and grant newbie drivers help with backing up and parallel parking. Remote control starter If you live in a cold climate, warming up your car may be a must before you are off to work or errands on a cold day. If you have a manual car and one key, this will require you sitting in the car as it warms up. To get around this, you should have a remote control starter installed on your vehicle after purchase. A remote starter makes life more convenient for you. You can find a firm to install the remote starter at the same time as your other auto accessories to save time. Wireless routers Wireless in a vehicle is something that is relatively new, but offered on some cars on the market. The charge for this, plus the data plan can be a much steeper price tag than purchasing a base car model. Instead, you can install an in-car wireless router and purchase a data plan. This will allow you and your children to operate wireless devices while in the vehicle. The wireless router can take up little space, but allow you to stream movies for children and allow you to do work while waiting in the pick-up lane for your...

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Paint Your Truck Cap For A Unique One-Of-A-Kind Paint Job

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If you like the idea of adding a unique touch to the look of your truck, then you may want to consider a custom paint job for your truck cap. There is a method you can use to give your truck cap a paint job you will truly appreciate and you can take care of it yourself, with a little help from a couple friends. The method used for this paint job is easy, fun and very unique. Your truck cap will end up with a look that can’t be duplicated and you can learn everything you need to know in this article.  Gather the supplies you will need Oil-based acrylic paint in all the colors of your choosing A blow-up kiddie pool larger than your truck cap A water hose A long stick for stirring A spray can of primer Preparing to paint the truck cap Before you get ready to paint your truck cap, it should be primed. All removable parts should be taken off and set to the side. Anything not able to be removed, such as windows should be completely taped. Use a primer in the base color you are going with because some of the primer will show through in the final product. Leave the tape in place until after the truck cap has been painted. Fill the pool all the way up with water and make sure it’s still when you move on to the next step. The next step is to take the different colored paints you decided you want to paint your cap with and carefully pour them into the water. Pour them a little at a time so they float on the top. You can carefully use the end of the stick to pull the paints around and swirl them into designs you like. Painting the truck cap When the top of the water is completely covered with all the colors you want and you are satisfied with the way they are swirled together, it’s time to dip your truck cap. Have a couple friends help you with this part so the cap gets dipped evenly. There should be someone on each side of the cap and a third person to help remove the excess paint before the cap is pulled from the water. Pick up the cap and submerge it at a slightly tilted angle, putting it in the water slowly and evenly. Once the cap is completely underwater, the third person will take the stick and stir around the water so any paint still on the surface will be broken up. Then, the cap can be quickly removed from the water and set aside to dry. You can pull the tape off at this point as well. Once it is dry, you can put it on your truck and admire your masterpiece. For further assistance or replacements, contact a local outlet, such as J & C...

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How To Clean Out A Truck Bed

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Despite your best efforts to protect the bed in your pickup truck, chances are you’re eventually going to find it covered with random leaves, dirt, and other environmental debris. Cleaning a truck bed isn’t difficult, but it does take time to get the job done right. Here’s a basic procedure for cleaning a truck bed and getting it nice and shiny again. Tailgate Cautions If you know how to remove the tailgate on your truck, do so first so that you have better access to the edge of the truck bed. If you don’t know how to remove the tailgate, pay extra attention to the gap between the gate and the edge of the bed when you wash and rinse the bed. Sweep Loose Items Out Get a large broom with relatively flexible bristles and sweep the bed. You want bristles that will move over, around, and through grooves and bumps on the truck bed surface, rather than very stiff bristles that won’t bend a bit. Check the gap between the gate and the bed edge for stuck leaves and twigs, and pull those out. If your truck has a removable bed liner, sweep that out, remove the liner, and sweep the main truck bed. Don’t replace the liner just yet. Rinse, Soap, and Rinse Grab a hose and quickly wash out the bed. Follow this with soap — mix up some carwashing soap and water, and use a mitt or a soft mop to gently scrub the surface of the truck. Rinse off the soap after that. If you have a removable liner sitting outside the bed, wash and scrub that separately. Dry off the bed and liner. Repeat this for the tailgate as well. If you’re in a drought zone, you might want to take the truck to a self-service car wash where the water will be captured and recycled. You don’t have to use the car wash’s soap option; just rinse the bed, move the truck out of the bay and take care of soap and gently scrubbing, and then move the truck into an empty bay and rinse the bed out again. Corner Details Inspect the corners of the bed and the gap between the gate and bed edge if the gate is still attached. Scrub out leftover dirt with a soft cloth and water from a hose. Dry the corners as best you can, and then let the truck (including the liner and gate) finish drying in the air. Check frequently to see when the truck is done drying out. Once dry, you can wax the truck’s painted surface if you want, though you don’t have to. Put Things Back Together Replace the liner and gate if applicable. Protect the bed in the future with a tonneau cover. If you want more help cleaning out a truck bed or would like other options for protecting it from future dirt, contact a truck bed manufacturer, like Hillsboro Industries. You’ll get the whole range of options available for your truck’s make and...

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How Transmission Fluid Warns Of Potential Problems With Your Car’s Transmission

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Monitoring the transmission fluid in your car is one way to track the condition of the transmission. You should get in the habit of checking the fluid periodically just to make sure everything is working okay. You’ll want to check the fluid level along with the color and consistency of the fluid. Here’s what you need to know. Levels Shouldn’t Decrease Transmission fluid levels should remain constant. It’s not normal if you need to add fluid all the time. If the fluid level drops, it means you have a leak that needs to be found by a mechanic and repaired. Refer to the owner’s manual for your car so you can find the dipstick for checking your transmission fluid. You can check the level every few months or so to verify that you aren’t losing fluid. Also, if your car seems to develop problems shifting gears, that’s a good time to check the fluid to make sure it isn’t leaking out. Another way to monitor for leaks is to watch for puddles underneath your car when it has been parked overnight. If the puddle contains pink or reddish fluid, it’s probably coming from your transmission. You may need to put a white sheet of paper under the leak so you can estimate the amount being lost as well as judge its color. Fluid Should Be Clear Of Debris Normal transmission fluid is red and clear of debris. When you check the level of fluid, wipe the dipstick onto a white cloth or paper towel so you can check the fluid color and consistency. It should be clean and transparent. If your transmission fluid is dark or filled with clumps of debris, that’s a sign something is going wrong inside your transmission. The fluid can also appear burnt and even have a burnt odor. This could indicate there is too much friction inside the system. The fluid needs to be drained and replaced once repairs are made. The transmission fluid could also develop a creamy consistency while maintaining its red color. This is a sign of contamination with radiator fluid, and you’ll need to have a mechanic make repairs to the radiator or transmission before extensive damage occurs. Fluid that is very light pink may have lost some color because it’s diluted with water. That can sometimes happen if you drive through high water or if you car is caught in a flood. In that case, your transmission needs to be dried to prevent rust and the fluid should be drained and replaced. While low fluid levels are a cause for concern, dark transmission fluid is not necessarily a sign something is wrong. The fluid will gradually turn darker as you put more miles on your car. Eventually, your transmission needs to be serviced and have the fluid replaced. Still, it’s a good idea to take your car to a mechanic when you spot abnormalities in your transmission fluid. By making repairs early, you might save yourself from a hefty repair bill later on. For more information, contact American Transmission Center or a similar...

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3 Reasons To Utilize A Rust Inhibitor Spray

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A rust inhibitor spray is a product that is designed to prevent the exposed portions of your car from rusting, with most sprays being used to protect the underside of your car. You will want to consider utilizing a rust inhibitor spray if you have a classic or older car, your car is beginning to rust, or if you want to save yourself some money. Classic Or Older Cars One of the biggest reasons to utilize a rust inhibitor spray is if you own a classic car or an older car. The reason that you will want to use these sprays on older vehicles is because these older vehicles are going to be more prone to rusting than modern ones, mostly because the paints and sealants used on older vehicles were not as effective as the ones used on new vehicles.  You will especially want to focus on utilizing a rust inhibitor spray on any classic cars that you own or are in the process of rebuilding, mostly because classic cars are often seen as an investment and will often go up in value as they get older. However, nothing causes the value of a classic car to drop as much as finding rust on the vehicle.  Your Car Is Already Rusting Another big reason to utilize a rust inhibitor spray is if your car is already showing signs of rust. In that situation, utilizing a rust inhibitor spray can stop the rust from spreading to the rest of the car and impacting the structural integrity and functionality of other areas of the vehicle. Sure, the rust spray will do absolutely nothing to repair the existing rust, but it will go a long way toward making sure that your car doesn’t develop large patches of rust. Save Yourself Some Money Finally, a rust inhibitor spray is a great way to save yourself money because removing rust from your vehicle can be a time-consuming and expensive prospect. While surface rust can often be handled yourself with a minimal amount of work, if the rust has been allowed to spread to the point where it has rusted entirely through pieces of metal, then you could end up spending many hundreds of dollars to either remove the rust or completely replace the rusted-through part. Visit a local auto repair shop today in order to discuss the many reasons to utilize rust inhibitor sprays and compounds. A rust inhibitor spray is vital to protecting older vehicles and to stop rust from spreading. In addition, these sprays can save you some money in the long run by helping you to avoid major repairs or rust-removal projects. For more information, contact a company that sells rust inhibitor spray, such as...

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